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  • No Broker Commission
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Here are just some of the benefits of listing your property with us:



  • We only sell properties or land in North-Eastern Thailand (Isaan), so we are fully focused on the area.
  • Your property will be included on our website which features Isaan properties on page one of Google and other search engines for several search terms.
  • Social media networking sharing with Facebook and Twitter followers.
  • Our site receives lots of international visitors every month looking to buy properties in Isaan.
  • We do not take any commission when you sell or rent the property – You pay a one time 3000 baths to get your site listed for one year, which includes pictures, full description, your contact details and video if you have one.
  • Potential buyers contact you directly, no time wasted.
  • And more...

How It Works: Simple & Easy Interface


Simply follow the steps below and upload house pictures and house description. If you are technically challenged, you may as well provide them via email.

Step 1
  • Press the Order Button Below
Step 2
  • Fill In the Online House Information Form
Step 3
  • Upload Pictures and Save the Form
Step 4
  • Your Data Will Be Published on Our Site Within 48 hours (often before)

Start Now!


Please complete the setup fee process using the button below for a secured online payment (THB 3000.-- for one full year). As soon as it is completed, you will be redirected to the listing form where you will provide us with your properties details and pictures.

Alternatively  if you are based in Thailand and want to pay the fee via ATM transfer, please send us a mail at and we will send you the bank account details.


Take action now, the sooner you start the sooner you’ll sell or rent your property, just for a tiny fee.


responsiveYour house or property will soon be displayed to people looking for buying or renting a house in Isaan.


We get views from Thailand and from everywhere in the World. Tons of people are looking for buying a house here for their retirement or even holidays, or just as an investment.


When filling the form, be as precise as possible and provide an enticing description of your property. Make it desirable. We will reuse your description within the website.


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We are here for you if you need to change anything later

Once your House or Property has been published on the site, you can come back to us anytime if you want to update anything. We are here for you!
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