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Has anyones a suggestion on how to build a 200 sqm house in thailand ?

Question by peace p: Has anyones a suggestion on how to build a 200 sqm house in thailand  ? 200 sqm landplot, 800 meter from beach , and in the middle of the city ,many houses near by , small main road infront . wish 3 bed rooms ,big kitchen ,one car park and tropical style

Building a house in Thailand

Building a house in Thailand

Best answer:

Answer by DIY Doc
With all due respect and not at all knowing what is standard in Thailand; the size of the house will be rather small to consider 3 bedrooms/kitchen/bathroom/and any minor living area otherwise. The fact that it’s that close to the beach might only complicate the building, or any regulations governing building. It will also depend on the availability and approval of any materials you wish to use; as well as WHO you might hire to aid in the building. Certainly a two level house would be best for a tight space; and use the first level for car parking UNDER as well as living space; then have the bedrooms over. The issue is still the size you suggest. That equates to a lot being approximately 36 x 36 ft. Without knowing at all your budget; or notions of the actual house size; or…again…any governing bodies regulating house versus lot size, etc.; I suspect you could get more clearly defined answers local to where the house is to be built. Steven Wolf


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Do every houses in Thailand have at least one spirit house erected?

Thai people respect and believe to spirits, here is today’s question:

Question by Ringgit: Is every constuction area in Thailand have at least one spirit house erected? If so is it a big spirit house or a small spirit house

Thai spirit house in Thailand

Spirit house in Thailand properties

Best answer:

Answer by ultrak53
Yes. I believed that most houses in Thailand have their own spirits house. the size of the spirot house depends on how much the owner of the house can afford.


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What kind of materials are used for a traditional Thailand house?

Question by Katarina: What kind of materials are used for a traditional Thailand house? I’m starting a school project that includes explaining the house materials used in Thailand such as wood, teak, bamboo etc. Thanks for the answers. Isn’t there any other type of wood used?

thai traditional house

Thai Traditional House

Best answer:

Answer by Derek B
Teak is a wood from tropical forest trees. It is extremely hard (hardwood) and durable. I lived in Thailand for a year, and was inside a few traditional houses. All I saw was teak. I saw many more from the outside, and they seemed to be made of nothing but teak, but it is hard to tell. Bamboo might be used in the houses of people who are not as well off. Try Googling “traditional Thai house”.


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