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    What do traditional Thailand houses look like from the inside?

    Another popular question about traditional Thailand houses:

    Question by Katarina: What do traditional Thailand houses look like from the inside? I’m doing a school project on traditional Thailand house and I would like to know if I should include some specific Thailand features. And how is everything arranged? ^.^

    Best answer:

    Answer by Rat@Ratchaburi
    Depends a lot on the income status of the people owning the house. You can find homes just like you can in any western country or you can find homes with the very basic in looks and furniture. Most furniture is sized to just a little smaller scale. A chair or couch is a bit lower. Most rural people all have TVs but maybe not a kitchen table since they eat on a mat on the floor, and cook outside or in a closed roof area with charcoal or LPG gas. Rural people can either have a very simple bed or sleep on a mattress on the floor, (this is very common). Most don’t have air and the bathroom has a swat toilet with needs to be cleans a pail in a water reserve next to the toilet. shower will be very basis or they will use a large water jug that is filled by rain or piped in water, some inside most outside. Also each home will have a Buddhist image or statue where a small dish of food or fruit is offer to Buddha If the home is on a plot of land they will most likely have a spirit house where they believe the spirits of those who lived on the land before stay. And very home, does no matter of wealth will have a picture of the King of Thailand. The above is for rural people, but again those of middle income will live and have the same types of comforts you have.

    Wooden traditional Thailand houses are built on pillars. That way you get a cooler house with more wind and less heat.

    Wooden traditional Thailand house on pillars

    Wooden thai house on pillars


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    What kind of materials are used for a traditional Thailand house?

    Question by Katarina: What kind of materials are used for a traditional Thailand house? I’m starting a school project that includes explaining the house materials used in Thailand such as wood, teak, bamboo etc. Thanks for the answers. Isn’t there any other type of wood used?

    thai traditional house

    Thai Traditional House

    Best answer:

    Answer by Derek B
    Teak is a wood from tropical forest trees. It is extremely hard (hardwood) and durable. I lived in Thailand for a year, and was inside a few traditional houses. All I saw was teak. I saw many more from the outside, and they seemed to be made of nothing but teak, but it is hard to tell. Bamboo might be used in the houses of people who are not as well off. Try Googling “traditional Thai house”.


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